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Redemption Funnel

Customers love gifts, they love rewards.

Redemption is a proven All-time effective marketing weapon to draw traffic, using coupons or great offers, new customers would like to visit your shops to redeem, and start purchase.


Unlimited Funnels
Custom Domain


Redeem Execution

Member Management


1 SMS confirmation requires SMS points
2 Promotional broadcast requires eDM quota / SMS points

Features Highlight

Media Sharing

Share the landing page through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more, a fast way to generate traffic.

WhatsApp Chat

Let customers direct contact you by just 1-click.

Preference Tagging

Equipped with tags management, you can well categorize the customers and to re-target accurately.

User Export

Export user details in .xls format, including visit and purchase time.

Prevention of Duplicate Registration

Restrict one user to register once, which is identified by email and mobile.

Redemption Execution

Shop’s conceige scans QR code, input passcode to record successful redemption.

Quota Control

Available to limit by quota, and optional to show the countdown of quota.

Countdown Offer

A countdown timer creates a sense of urgency in sales to increase conversions.

Redemption Notification

Email & SMS, the most basic yet effective communication tools to connect and engage customers.

Source Tracking

Tracking of what sources and peak hours leading to your funnel landing page.

Referral Spread

Each customer could be your referrer to help spread thru his networks.

Customer Journey

Provides a series of page visit statistics, from landing pages to thank you page. Tracking of customer behaviour is included.

Analytics Integration

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel to track page visits and corresponding actions