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In the era of Marketing 4.0, customers are looking for Effectiveness, and Values. By using a bulky website or eShop as a sales channel is outdated, while a simple Landing Page let customers focus on placing orders.

That’s WHY it comes up with Digital Funnels

Great marketing tactics generating traffic to your business, nurture them properly to become loyal customers.

  • Generate Convertible LEADS

    Quality leads from social media, quick capture of engagement, funnels to nuture and convert as customers.

  • Boost O2O & Online Sales

    Godfather offers for redemption, with decent recommendations to capture sales. Marketing Automation keeps delivering values to stimulate high-value repeat orders.

  • Create Viral Referrals

    Every customer can be a referrer to share first experience, words-of-mouth marketing in an auto pilot.

The 6 components that facilitates your online sales

Not limited in a pattern, be formless, shapeless, like water
Simplicity is the key to Great Customer Experience, by using most handy landing pages with daily communication tools, your online business is in auto-pilot.

The fastest speed is the only way for long success
You don’t need to setup a WordPress
You don’t need to build a Shopping Cart
You don’t need to recruit programmers or outsource to a software house to craft a platform with high cost.

In here, everything is ready-for-business, just few clicks you can start your funnel, you can start your online business, you can start your auto-marketing.

Lead / Sales Landing

One focusing page for only one objective, customers will not be distracted from other actions and leave your page, and thus increase sales conversion.

Event Registrations

Record sources of traffic, manage multiple sessions and classes, support countdown offers and export attendees list.

Remarketing Drip Email Series

By using autoamtion, re-activate old customers by cost of 1/5, and increase engagement for re-orders and path for high-value liftetime customers.

SMS Notification

From order notifications to event reminders, from redemption code to promotion offers, a reliable delivery channel make sure messages would not be missed and increases customer experiences.


It's an All-time effective strategy for growing customers, with attractive offers and smooth redemption flow, it would be easy to engage customers.

Words-of-Mouth Stack Referral

With tracable links, customers can also share and entitle rewards, customers refer customers, it's a viral spread.

About X Lead

A leading digital funnel platform that provides lead pages running boost-sales campaigns, endeavor to bring quality leads, and journey potential prospects go through the way to convert as high-value customers.

With X Lead, you can easily setup a sales funnel to speed up the sales process, or build a redemption funnel that effectively brings O2O traffic to your store.

By capturing digital footprint, data knows your customers more than you do.

Traceable Data Makes Business Easy

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36 Tactics on eMarketing

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